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  1. No better way to cover a wide area of the city, but still staying connected at street level. Our guide was Arthur, who as many other reviews will bear out, was great. He’s really knowledgable, clearly loves Rome and it’s history and he has a great demeanour.

    Thanks again Arthur, it was a highlight of our 4 days in Rome and as you know, Rome has a lot of highlights!

  2. Thank you very much. That was an amazing day, Kate, our guide was very nice and everything was very interesting! Very easy to learn (within 5 minutes). a lot of information in a short time period : Perfect!

    Thanks again Kate :)

  3. Me and my family were there last week. Our tour guide Musa (?) talked a good game but when we looked up much of what he said we found out it was far from the truth. An example was at Trevi fountain. We were told the horses on each side represented war and peace, when in fact they represent the moods of the sea. This is just one of many facts he had wrong. I guess thats why he has not yet earned his license to be a tour guide

  4. We had a fantastic full day with lunch on segway. At first we were a little scared, it took some courage to step on, but after awhile l was well away with the rest of my family, having a ball. Roberto was a brilliant guide, patient and watching out for us at all times. Thank you a wonderful sight into Rome and our feet were saved the pain of all the walking etc. I was amazed at how fast these things go and up hill is amazing, l really felt l could have packed one of these into my luggage to take home with me. Such fun. ;)

  5. Marco was a great guide and made my trip here even more of a great memory. I got to see alot of Rome quickly and in on an amazing segway. This was my first time on a segway and it scared me for like the first 5 minutes and then hours of relaxed viewing of Rome. We were on the evening trip and it felt safe and the sights were beautiful. Thank you!!!

  6. Hi, I’ve enjoy a long tour in Rome by segway, early i think it’s hard for me but i try and really easy take a ride and fun with segway. So I say run and looking for Marco very positive guy and take a ride with him. Enjoy!!